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It all started with some cookies.


Our founder, Courtney Fuciarelli, MSW, RSW is a Social Worker and Psychotherapist.  And she loves baking.  She had always been scared of royal icing- but decided to learn how to make and decorate sugar cookies in 2020. Not suprisingly, she discovered first hand the meditative, creative therapy of cookies and baking.


After spending time working as a Social Worker in agency settings, she began a private practice in order to blend multifaceted approaches to healing through time in nature, and using expressive arts. 

Courtney believes in the power of creative arts. Although she is a huge advocate for traditional talk therapy, she also believes that sometimes, there is a certain magic in cookies and flowers- that goes beyond talking. 

Which turned into a therapy practice.

By blending these modalities and using them as a tool in the services they provide, Courtney and the team at Fields & Flour Therapy embrace an approachable, relaxed environment for counselling- in the kitchen, on the trail and in the studio!

The goal is for clients to feel like they are visiting a coffee shop-  versus a cold or stuffy clinic.


And grew into a mission to close the gap in mental health services.

One gap in the mental health system- is that various systemic barriers can cause people to be limited in the services and supports they are able to receive. For example, when services are free, they often come with a lengthy wait, or little to no choice in type or fit of therapist to the individual.

In private practice, fees can be prohibitive and a barrier to access services. There can also be challenges in finding the best  type of services that are covered by insurance benefits. (That's if clients even have insurance coverage!) 

Wildflour Fields Bakeshop & Studio, as a Social Enterprise is our answer to bridging some of these gaps. 

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how we do 
what we do

First we sell things.

We sell baked goods, fresh florals, books, self-care items, and mental health merchandise during sales in our Bakeshop & Studio. Currently these are pop-up event hours Thursday- Sat.

And we help you make things. 

We also host creative workshops, sales, events and groups in our Studio space. Profits from these sales and events go directly into funding our Grow In Kindness Fund.

So we can help others talk about things.


The "Grow In Kindness Fund" provides low-cost counselling services, where clients can access 12 sessions at a fee of $25 per sessionn- without having any formal application, proof of need or any other intrusive process. 



More Creative Workshops and Events are

coming soon!

In the Studio

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