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grow in kindness


As a Social Enterprise, we use all the funds raised in our retail space and studio to offer the Grow In Kindness low-cost counselling fund, provided by Fields & Flour Therapy clinicians and therapists.

This fund provides 12 counselling sessions for clients at a

lower cost rate of $25 per session.


We offer this through the sales in our Bakeshop, and by the workshops, classes & events in our Studio. We are also supported by the generous donations of people like you, friends and neighbours in our community.

Looking for counselling? 


Why We Do This




Imagine mustering up the courage, asking for help, only to be told you will need to go on a waitlist for weeks

or even months.


In Canada, clients typically look for support through publicly funded services like a local doctor's office, community program, hospital service,  school or workplace EAP program.

So what's the problem? The need is high, and waitlists are long. Access to private care although timely, can be very costly. Especially if you don't have insurance coverage.

Our Mission is to provide low-cost and accessible counselling services through our Grow In Kindness Fund. 



  • Clients can receive 12 sessions of counselling

  • Clients pay only $25 per session

  • Funds raised through the Bakeshop & Studio supplement the rest of the fee

  • No application or formal demonstration of need required

We believe in accessible, affordable, quality and creative counselling options for all. 
Image by Augustine Wong

Need support?

Our Grow In Kindness Fund is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


 If interested, please connect with our Intake Coordinator by emailing

Or click the link below. We'd be happy to help!

Want to help?

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